Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"you need to just let go."

these words have been echoing in my head, ricocheting, colliding, flying, falling, falling, falling, for some time now. then rinse and repeat. how is it that actions and occurrences can fade away, but words are just as jarring every time?

my parents ripped up the carpet all the way up the stairs and onto the upper floor a few nights ago. Time for something new, something tougher. stain resistant carpet, apparently. the good stuff. they told me to wear some form of footwear because there could be extra staples hanging around. but i hate, HATE, the clunk clunk clunk of my steps on the bare wood. it's amazing, really, how without that covering of carpet, you can hear how loud and obnoxious you sound against the floor.

i've been thinking. doing a lot of that, lately. today was the university fair (i've been working on this blog post for a couple days now, it's been busy), and i realized that i have a lot more thinking to do, and i'm being timed. maybe 3 months to go? DECIDE YOUR FUTURE, AND HURRRRYYYYYYYYY!
it's getting easier though, i'm feeling better about certain aspects. i think i know what i want to do, now i just have to pick the place, make the time, get the money, and stick with it.

okay, i'm ready.

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