Tuesday, September 29, 2009

eeny meeny miny mo

details in the fabric - jason mraz ft james morrison

"just pick one!"
........i can't. and i don't want to be dealing with this. please?
i have so many decisions to make, that i'm not sure i can make. i'm so indecisive.
on top of that, i'm falling behind in everything. I can't make myself work. i spend class periods daydreaming, lunches ranting and complaining, and evenings doing... i don't even know what i do. i thought that summer would help, but it actually made me feel less motivated. here i am, waiting, waiting, waiting, for something to happen. for things to be accomplished for me. i am nowhere near the person i need to be. but i'll try, okay?
tonight, my mom asked me to write a letter, about everything i dealt with during the 12 years i lived with my stepdad. i might procrastinate this one the most.

if it's a broken part, replace it
if it's a broken arm, then brace it
if it's a broken heart, then face it.

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