Friday, November 20, 2009

under the weather

i guess i should start talking more about the present than the future, or else every single blog entry would be about the future.
....wait, it is already isn't it?

officially day 12 of being sick. "just a virus" then sinus infection diagnosed by my father, who is apparently an expert.
uggggggggg, so this whole being sick thing is teaching me how time can be a best friend and a worst enemy. at night, my sinus pressure goes through the roof, like it is now, and makes everything generally uncomfortable. my whole body is telling me to just go to bed, but instead i want to stay up and organize my music and clear out my ipod. i'll probably feel more accomplished if i do that as opposed to getting up at a decent hour. COOL LIKE THIS IS IMPORTANT INFORMATION ANYWAY.

lots to do, i don't really have anything interesting. just looking for one more thing to distract me from going to bed.

to do
1. get better
2. get better
3. do homework
4. figure out where i'm going next year
5. get better
6. apply
7. get volunteer hours
8. save money
9. clear lots and lots of music off this computer
10. this list could go on forever

ps, i realized yesterday that plans by death cab for cutie is easily on my top 10 favourite albums ever.

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