Thursday, August 13, 2009

je l'adore

montreal was so beneficial, i think. it got my head out of the clouds, future-wise. and it ended on a note that i'm pretty sure was good.
monday: katie and i toughed the 6-hour drive... by sleeping. it was heaven. then we went down to st. catherine's, big for shopping, had lunch and hit up indigo. i think that was all i needed, and hour or so looking at book after book after book, picking out the diamonds in the rough. my head was so full after that, in a good way. like coming out of a test i know i've done really well in. we went to crescent street for dinner that night, walked around, and went back to the hotel for desserts. then, lushest. bed. ever. slept like a baby.
tuesday: mcgill at 1030. an ordeal trying to get out of the hotel room, breakfast, welcome centre, but we made it. walking at the front like keeners, us burlington kids, with the likes of miami, washington, boston, and new york natives. then, self guided residence tour, aka shenanigans: "if someone comes in, defend my honour". booster juice for breakfast, shopping, starstruck-osity. oh, i forgot my camera and will never forgive myself. we went down to old montreal, starting with looking in galleries and ending with the sweetest man playing the accordian on the street. to cap it off, a stunning sunset at the lookout. love
wednesday: concordia university tour at 930, also leaving day. awesome, awesome, AWESOME tour. just...... love. i can't wait for everything. we drove home with the top down on the convertible the entire time, drove through two bouts of rain, reading the time traveler's wife the whole time.

it kills me that i don't have pictures. but i have a heck of a lot of booklets and pamphlets?!

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  1. You toughed a SIX HOUR DRIVE.
    The drive home took 13 and a half hours.
    We were in New Jersey for an hour and a half and the Lincoln Tunnel was backlogged like mad but STILL.